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The Process

Prospective clients may either make an appointment in our office or arrange an on site consultation. Design options, site attributes and constraints and budget requirements are determined. This process takes approximately 30 – 45 mins and is free of charge. An obligation free quote for the preparation of drawings and documentation can be compiled.

After the initial consultation, a site meeting is arranged to further discuss design options, conduct a measure and feature survey. This analysis will explore solar opportunities, view lines, prevailing winds, neighbor details and any other relevant site attributes. Additionally an overall site analysis may be completed for Town Planning or overlooking and overshadowing purposes.

After completing the site visit and discussing ideas and 'wish lists' we develop a set of initial concept designs based on our previous design brief. The design concepts will show the floor plan with approximate room sizes, window ans door locations, elevations and a calculated area of the project. An explanation of the design will be offered, and generally resolves around passive solar design, cross and shared ventilation, maximising the potential of the site, and what it has to offer.

Depending on the style of the Project to be designed, we always strive to achieve that "WOW" factor with the external and internal aesthetics. From this stage you will receive drawings for you to take home and discuss.

A design meeting will be arranged to discuss the concept design (produced from Stage 3,) and any amendments or further design development work will be undertaken to reach your required outcome.

Once this stage has been completed, we recommend that the design be given to your preferred builder to obtain an estimate. From that builder's estimate, further decisions can be made to modify the design if required. If you do not have a preferred builder we can advise prospective builders on your behalf.

If your property is under a planning control overlay we need to obtain a planning permit from your local council. Although as times town planning applications can be a slow process, we have an excellent working relationship with the relevant authorities, and have many years experience in dealing with town planning matters. We look after the application from lodgement to receiving a decision from council.

These drawings are the detailed drawings that are submitted for building approval. In this stage of work, we will also obtain quotes from other consultants who may also need to be involved in the project. (ie., Structural Engineer to provide a laboratory soil test as well as design of any structural elements as required and/ or Surveyor to provide a contour plan of the site etc)

During the design process the requirements and design principles of providing an energy efficient building are taken into account. It is at this stage that we provide a 6 star energy report to determine the exact energy efficiency of your home. This is now a document required to obtain a building permit. Typically a set of our Working Drawings for a residential home or extension consist of the following, for the purposes of obtaining a building permit and Council Approval.

Floor Plans - Includes all structural wall members sizes, beams, etc.
Elevations - four noted, elevation views
Cross Sections - detail to ensure that builders doesn't have to guess what to do.
Site Plan - this will include site and roof water drainage, as well as setback plans.
Constructions Details - for standard and non-standard connections.
Window & Door Schedules - to confirm all window and door elements
Slab Design - providing adequate detail for slab preparation and construction.
Bracing Plans - Including holding-down detail wall features like recess and fireplace details.
Structural Timber Framing Plan - gives all member sizes and dimensioned locations.